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Hunting on the road
Added: 17th March 2011
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Views: 1942
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You are an animal hunter.You have four weapons.You can use only 1 type of weapon at a time.To get the other three types of weapons, collect the coins. To catch the animals move at a speed of at least 150km/h.When You are moving closer to the animal, use weapon. You can also use the weapons...

Tags: Arcade,driving,shooting
Painted Eggs
Added: 19th April 2011
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Views: 5065
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Remember the pattern and then paint the eggs with the same colors. Your time is limited so you should hurry up to get more points. There are 10 different eggs - can you remember them all?

First click on the palette to select the color and next click on the egg to paint...

Tags: egg eggs paint easter colors painted color colored
Dreams of a fairy tale
Added: 30th June 2011
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Views: 1587
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While reading a book, you fell asleep. When You heard a strange voice, and opened your eyes, you saw that your room has changed, and now looked like a dollhouse. Where are you? And how to get back home?

Tags: hidden object, girls, Quest, point and click
Tank warfare
Added: 16th October 2011
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Views: 1265
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To pass each level your task is to destroy the enemy's main tank. The more enemies you kill, the more money and points You'll be able to earn and You'll be able to improve your ranking. If you did not get enough money needed to upgrade Your tank,money will not reset and you can continue to gather...

Tags: tank,war,shooting,action
Added: 29th January 2014
Posted By: MFOGS
Views: 1475
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All of you know who is a terrorist. They kidnap people with different goals. You are a military ex-sniper. You a lot fought in your life. It's time to take up arms and deal with terrorists. Try to kill a terrorist when he runs, then you get more points and money. Upgrade your ammunition.

Tags: shooter, first person shooter, terrorist, gangster, violence blood, sniper
Fabulous Car Parking
Added: 21st May 2013
Posted By: MFOGS
Views: 647
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In this driving game Your job is to park your car in the special marked parking places without crashing.The faster you park the car, the more points you can earn.Compete with your friends who quickly but accurately park the car and get the best result.

Tags: car,parking,skill,park,driver,street,city
Fly on Flying
Added: 26th May 2013
Posted By: MFOGS
Views: 1027
Comments: 1

In this fun online game you control the plane and your task is to fly all the way without falling.In each level you must collect the coins to unlock next level.Don't hit the skeleton bottle,it's the bomb and they can explode and damage your plane.Collect gift box to get extra points.Collect the...

Tags: flying,plane,kids,bomb,sky,flight,skill,collecting,aircraft
Tower Defense Car Parking
Added: 7th June 2013
Posted By: MFOGS
Views: 689
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In this unusual parking game your job is to park you car on a parking place.But to get to the parking lot,You need to overcome the tower defense,that have a high voltage and can damage your car.You have a minute of time to get to your destination place.The faster you park the car the more points...

Tags: car,parking,tower,defense,driving,collecting
Snea Kon Plous 2 of 2 thai scary movie
Added: 5th January 2012
Posted By: tony
Views: 2101
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thai scary movie dubbed in khmer language. The name in English is Alone receiving 6.4 out of 10 points in IMDB

Tags: scary thai movie,khmer language movie,alone